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November 19, 2019
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Supreme Court allows 3 Data SIMs and 5 Voice SIMs per CNIC

PTA Hides The Number Of SIMs Blocked | TheNewsTribe.com

ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan on Thursday has issued an announcement which sets  a limit for maximum of three data SIMs and five voice SIMs per (CNIC) National identity card.

According to details, mobile phone companies were fighting the case for removal of 5 sims per CNIC limit and allowance of any number of data SIMs.

But Supreme Court, during a hearing today , said that one CNIC holder can not keep more than 5 voice SIMs and 3 data SIMs at one once.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, which was representing mobile phone companies, maintained that since all old and new SIMs issued are now are biometrically verified and each and every SIM is associated with a living individual so this limit of 5 voice SIMs per CNIC should be removed.