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September 20, 2019
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How to maintain Gold and Silver ornaments to twinkle like a star

How to maintain Gold and Silver ornaments to twinkle like a star| TheNewsTribe.com

Cleaning your jewelry is always a troublesome exercise and the results are usually not ones you desired. Most of you have gone through this mess whether you were cleaning your wedding bands or casual wear lockets and chains. Some of you may found it difficult to clean your gemstone ornament which is an omen of good luck.

Here are a few tips to make your jewelry sparkle,


Gold is not usually tarnished but it can become dull and look blackened.

Put your ornament in a bowl of warm water with a squirt of mild dish washing detergent. Use a soft toothbrush and smoothly scrub the jewelry to get rid of the film gathered behind the ornament as well as in the corners and gaps which are carved as a design.

Rinse it and dry it well with a soft polishing cloth.


Silver is the favorite metal for jewelry being affordable and exquisite. But it has a darker side too. It demands meticulous care and needs to be cleaned frequently.

It is a common belief that when moisture comes in contact with silver it causes it to tarnish. It is true that air comprises moisture and dissolved gases like oxygen, carbon dioxide, Sulphur dioxide, Hydrogen Sulphideand many other. Yet, it is the Hydrogen Sulphide in the atmosphere which forms a film of silver Sulphide that is black.

Here are four easy ways to restore that silvery shine:

Rub with a soft cloth:

Dip a soft, flannel lint free cloth in a solution of warm water mixed with a drop of dish washing soap. Use the damp cloth to rub the cracks of your silver ornament clean. Clean your silver ornament in cool water and dry it completely with a flannel cloth.

Baking soda

For those hopeless ornaments that you have given up, make a paste of three parts baking soda to one part water and apply it to the ornament by a soft cloth. Rinse and dry with a soft cloth.

Dissolve one tablespoon of salt into hot water and add a few strips of aluminium foil in the bowl. Salt and aluminium react with the tarnish which is silver Sulphide. This sulphide reacts with aluminium in a salt solution, converting silver sulphide back to silver.