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November 13, 2019
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Now you can sit on your umbrella

Now you can sit on your umbrella| TheNewsTribe.com

TOKYO- Do you need an umbrella on which you can sit while waiting for your vehicle to come? If so, then you would be surprised to know that Japan has invented such kind of umbrella.

Japan is widely known for its unique innovations and remaining out of the box. From water conservation toilets, they have now moved to inventing an umbrella which can offer the optimal use.

Japanese have recently welcomed the ‘chair umbrella’.so if they have misread the forecast, they can use it as a chair.

Or if you read it right, and it is actually going to rain. You don’t need to rush for shelter you just simply sit on the umbrella while waiting for the rain.

Now you can sit on your umbrella| TheNewsTribe.com

The chair-umbrella is being sold by the Japanese website Thanko, a supplier of numerous other novelty goods such as a vacuum gun for safely capturing bugs and a haz-mat style ‘pollen blocker’ helmet.

The website advertises the chair-umbrella thus:

“Have you ever thought, ‘Geez, I’d really like to rest, but there’s nowhere to sit!’. Well now you can… with your chair-umbrella! Just fold open the handle and you can change it into a chair. Sit down, take a load off, and relax anytime you want with your very own transforming chair-umbrella.”

It may seem weird to you that umbrella is to be used in rain and what about the time when it is raining and you want to sit down. The umbrella is being advertised as being used in quite a sunny season but it is so because Japanese use umbrellas more often in hot sunny days.