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November 18, 2019
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Four day to day items that are dirtier than your lavatory seat

Four day to day items that are dirtier than your lavatory seat| TheNewsTribe.com

When you are asked the dirtiest item in your house you can think about, your answer would surely be lavatory seat. But you would be surprised to know that there are several other items in your house that are filthier than the lavatory and you cannot imagine that they are that much dirty.

Here are these items.

Your tablet or smartphone

British researchers mopped 30 tablets, 30 phones, and an office toilet seat and found that tablets contained up to 600 units per mop of staphylococcus (also called staph which is responsible for severe stomach sickness) and smartphones had up to 140 units. The most surprising fact is that the toilet seat had only 20 units.

Your washing machine

An underwear is capable of transferring that much bacteria to your washing machine that exists in the lavatory and even more. Moreover, in a washing machine water settles at the bottom and keeps the surface moist where bacteria love to breed. So, clean your machine by washing it with bleach at least once a month. Wash underwear separately with hot water.

Your carpet

It is an interesting fact that bacteria feed on dead skin cells. And the average person puts off nearly 1.5 million every hour. These cells can turn your rugs into a magnificent feast offered to bacteria because not only cells are there but also are the food particles, pet dander, pollens and many other likewise items. Around 200,000 bacteria reside in each square inch of carpet which is 700 times more than your toilet seat contains.

Your cutting board

Researchers have found that the average cutting board holds 200 times more fecal bacteria than a toilet seat does. The biggest item responsible for this is raw meat.