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February 24, 2020
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7 C’s that would help you communicate effectively

7 C’s that would help you communicate effectively| TheNewsTribe.com

Communication is very important in day to day life whether it’s professional or personal. Lack of an effectual communication can make you lag behind in your relations. It creates a void in your relationships, whether personal or formal. Many opportunities are wasted away just because you failed to communicate effectively.

So here are the 7 principles you need to follow in your communication. They are also called as 7 C’s of both oral and written communication.


Your communication should be complete in every respect. You should convey all facts that are required to be conveyed. While sending a message you should consider the recipient’s mind set and formulate your message accordingly. A complete communication should manifest these features:

It should develop and enhance reputation of an organization. They should be cost saving so no crucial information should be missing and no additional cost should be incurred in conveying as if the message is complete there will be no need of extra message.

So, a complete communication should always give additional information whenever required. It will leave no ambiguity in recipient’s mind.

Complete communication helps in efficacious decision-making by the audience of message as they get all the anticipated information.


Conciseness means communicating what you want to convey in least possible words without undermining the other C’s of information. It is a necessary condition for an effective communication. Concise information has following characteristics,

It is time-saving and cost-saving. It highlights the main message as it excludes excessive and needless words. It is more appealing and comprehensible to the audience. A concise message is non-repetitive in nature.


This C means to step into the shoes of others. If you want to convey message effectively you should consider the recipient’s background, viewpoints, mindset, education level, etc. attempt to know your audience, its requirement, emotions and problems.

Make it sure that self-respect of the audience is not undermined. Mold your words to suit the audience’s position when necessary. It has two features,

Focus on the ‘you’ approach. Understand the audience and show interest in it.


It means emphasizing on a specific message or goal at a time, rather than attempting to achieve too much at once. It has following features,

It makes understanding handy. Clarity of thoughts and ideas complements the meaning of meaning. Clear message uses exact, appropriate and concrete words.


Concrete communication denotes being particular and clear rather than vague and general. It strengthens the confidence. It exhibits following features. It is bolstered by specific facts and figures. It cannot be misinterpreted.


Message should show your expression as well as should respect the recipient. You should be sincerely polite, judicious, reflective and enthusiast. It has following features,

It takes into consideration both viewpoints and feelings of the recipient. It is positive and concentrates at the audience. It makes use of appropriate and correct language in the message.