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November 12, 2019
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‘Dinosaurs never went extinct’, a few science facts you would be surprised to know

Dinosaurs never went extinct’, a few science facts you would be surprised to know| TheNewsTribe.com

Do you know there are certain facts you would not believe to be true. But science have proved them and claimed as true.

Here are a few of them

Ways to shuffle a deck of cards are more than the atoms in the whole world.

There are approximately 10 raise to power 49 to 10 raise to power 50 atoms that make up this whole world while the combinations that can be made from 52 cards are 10 raise to power 67.

Dinosaurs never went extinct

Yes, it is a fact. Dinosaurs are still there among us but in their advanced form. Birds are the descendants of dinosaur this is the reason dinosaurs are called as ‘non-avian dinosaurs’.

Sun comprises 99.8 percent of our solar system

This is a fact because sun is the greatest of all including gas giants, rocky planets, dwarf planets, asteroids, and comets.

Frog cannot vomit

To spit up material, it fist regurgitate its stomach out, then pushes the material out through legs and swallows the stomach back inside.

You are more bacteria than human

There are 10 times more bacterial cells than are the human cells in your body. The bacteria cells are quite smaller than the human cells though so in terms of the space taken by the cells you are more human.

Starfish do not have brain

Starfish lack centralized brain. However they own a nervous system are sensitive to touch and light.

Elephants have more muscles in their trunk than the whole human body

There are about 40,000 muscles in the trunk of an elephant, while human body is comprised of 600 muscles.

The sun will get cold

Yes, the sun will run out fuel in next 5 billion years

Your favorite Ice Age’s woolly Mammoth really existed

Yes, they existed during the time of Ancient Egyptians. The last population of woolly mammoths went extinct 7,700 years ago in Alaska, when Neolithic human populations lived in Egypt.