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September 22, 2019
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A few hotel secrets you really need to know

A few hotel secrets you really need to know| TheNewsTribe.com

You are off to a recreational trip and want to reserve a place in hotel, here are a few tips that would make your trip economical. An economical trip can give you more relaxation than the recreation do.

Call the hotel directly

If you call the reservation agents they will send you to the central office. By calling directly you can negotiate.

Online price is more than the actual one

Hotels pay commission to the online sites and thus the price is inflated. Ask for the price which is minus commission.

Choose a fine but independently owned hotel

It would incur less cost and they are always ready to discount. Hotel chains would not offer discount easily.

Negotiate away from any other customer’s earshot

When the other guest or say clients are listening, do not bargain. The manager would be very reluctant to do so in front of them as they would get the idea of bargaining themselves.

Receptionist may be lying sometimes

If the elevator is not working properly and the receptionist tells you that someone is coming to fix it, she may be lying. So, do not wait for too long.

Do not call at busy hours

Be mindful about the time you are calling at hotel, there may be a long line of guests there and the receptionist would just want to get rid of your call.

Ask for a clean linen always

The sheets are washed everyday but the blankets and bed sheets are washed perhaps after months so it is a good idea to ask for new sheets when you check in.