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August 25, 2019
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Interesting News: Cheapest way to get electricity has been discovered

Interesting News: Cheapest way to get electricity has been discovered| TheNewsTribe.com

CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA- Electricity bills are a worldwide problem these days. You would be quite relieved to know that scientists are working on this issue.

In a recent development accomplished by Climate Council, Australia, an experiment of coupling solar panels with home battery storage has been conducted and the report says that it is the cheapest way to get electricity within three years.

According to the scientists, the environmental not-for-profit found battery storage would ‘revolutionize’ the means Australians accessed electricity, the means that would enable homes to become relatively independent of the conventional grid.

The battery storage capacity is anticipated to grow 50 fold within a decade and it has been found that going off-grid would be cost-competitive with remaining connected as soon as 2018.

The report claims that with the feed-in tariffs phased out and grid electricity becoming more expensive, Australia can be the number one market for home battery storage by the same year.

“Anyone who has PV [photovoltaic cells] on their roof knows they’re paid a fraction – maybe a tenth – of what it costs them to buy power off the grid,” says the Climate Council’s Andrew Stock.

“If they have a tool, a battery, that can allow them to store the surplus power during the day and use it at night, it means they’re going to get greater control than they already have over their power bill,” he says.

The Council also found that half of the households would be expected to adopt solar system coupled with the battery storage.

It is pertinent to mention here that this scheme is environment friendly along with being economical, so the proponents claim it a ‘win-win’.