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October 22, 2019
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Few signs it’s time to get your thyroid checked

Few signs it’s time to get your thyroid checked| TheNewsTribe.com

Majority of the females do not recognize that there is something wrong with them. They usually ignore the symptoms denoting that their Thyroid is malfunctioning and attribute the issues with some other things. The disease is named as Hypothyroidism.

Here are a few signs that should ring as an alarm bell for you to get your thyroid checked.

Weight Gain

If you have started gaining weight without any reason, do not attribute it with ageing. It can be a sign that you are becoming the victim of Hypothyroidism. The puffiness on your face in not to be taken as lightly.


If you are having a craving for nap at odd timings you may think it as a ‘siesta’ or winter sleepies but unfortunately it is not. It may be a symptom of hyperthyroidism. Chronic yawning is the sign that your thyroid is not working properly.

Thinning hair

Many women would take it the issue arising due to improper diet or age. But this may not be the case. If you are having the other mentioned symptoms also, just dash to your physician.

Losing Appetite

If you are gradually losing appetite and the weight gain goes on side by side, this is definitely not normal and something you need to worry about.

Inability to concentrate

If you are having problem in concentrating you should consult your doctor. This condition can intensify and may result in Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).