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November 19, 2019
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Zaid Hamid issues warning to RAW

Zaid Hamid issues warning to RAW | Thenewstribe.com

ISLAMABAD:  Pakistani defence analyst Zaid Hamid has issued warning to RAW and their supporters, TheNewsTribe.com reported. 

Zaid Hamid updated the status on his official Facebook account. Defense analyst issued warning to Indian intelligence agency RAW and vowed to reveal names involved in his imprisonment.

“It was RAW against one Muslim woman!! RAW plotted and planned, and against them Allah plotted and planned and indeed Allah is the best of the planners,” he wrote on social networking website.

He updated the status on his account in which he said that “Very soon, we will tell the entire story which is an amazing victory of Patriots against Hindu Zionists! The enemies still do not believe that I am back Let them remain in doubt and spread confusions. Those who trust us, need no further explanations.

I personally and also the entire Pakistan owe special gratitude to my wife who stood like a rock and destroyed the entire game plan of traitors and enemies. She is not just my wife but also the most trusted adviser, comrade in arms and a guardian angel in this dangerous mission, MashAllah !

InshAllah, Very soon, we will start to name all the players involved in this sinister game. For now, we are reorganizing ourselves for future battles. You can be sure of that.”

On October 3, Zaid Hamid took twitter to announce his safe arrival to Pakistan. He wrote in his twitter account that he has safely returned to Pakistan, resting and not taking calls.

It is pertinent to mention here that Zaid Hamid was arrested two months back during his private visit to Kingdom with his wife for his controversial and hate-provoking speeches against Saudi Arabia. He was later sentenced for 150 lashes and 8 years in jail.