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November 13, 2019
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People of Pakistan shows support for Zaid Hamid on Social Media

ISLAMABAD –  People of Pakistan showed support for Zaid Hamid and posted messages in support of Pakistan Army and Zaid Hamid in twitter’s top trend #PakArmyOwnZaidHamid on Tuesday.

People of Pakistan, special youth showed their support for Zaid Hamid just after a day news came from Saudi Arabia that Zaid Hamid being lashed during prison.

Hamid was detained while on a private visit to the Kingdom with his wife. He was arrested for speech against the Saudi government and against Arabs in a public gathering.

Zaid Hamid, previously known as Zahid Hamid was alleged supporter and benefactor of Yusuf Kazzab from Lahore who claimed to be a prophet. He was sentenced to death by a lower court of Pakistan and was murdered by a man named Tariq in jail.