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November 15, 2019
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Super model Ayyan Ali sets free on Bail

RAWALPINDI – Super model Ayan Ali on Thursday finally set free on bail and leave the Adiala jail after spending four month in imprisonment.

Ayyan Ali leave the Adial Jail after spending four month in Jail. Ayyan Ali can now celebrate the Eid al Fitar with her family and freinds.

Banking Court judge, Sabir Sultan has formally issued order to release super model Ayyan Ali.

According to details, court has accepted the surety bonnds submitted on behalf of Ayyan Ali and ordered release of model in the currency smuggling case.

Soces revealed that court’s written order about Ayyan release would be received by Jail administration very soon.

Earlier, the model had been arrested form Benazir International Airport over trying to smuggle $0.5 million (Rs 50m) to Dubai.

Ayyan Ali arrived at Airport Security Force (ASF) counter for checking where camera detected a suspicious item in her bag.

On investigation, the thing came out $0.5 million (Rs 50 million) which she tried to  smuggle to Dubai.

ASF immediately arrested her and filed a money laundering case against her.