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October 24, 2019
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Senior anchor person Hamid Mir Burst on Indian defense analyst

ISLAMABAD – Senior anchor person Hamid Mir burst on Indian defense analyst when he used inappropriate words for Prime Minister of Pakistan, on Thursday. 

During famous talk show, Hamid Mir asked him to not use inappropriate words for premier of Pakistan. Indian defense minister said that Pakistan army put hurdle to stop trade between Pakistan and India.

Pakistani defense analyst Shahid Latif said that Indian military agency “RAW” is working in Pakistan to destabilize Pakistan. He argued that Indian Prime Minister accept that 1971 incident occurred with help of India.

Federal Minister  for Information and Broadcasting, Pervez Rashid said that neighbors can not be changed. While talking about Nawaz Sharif and Modi’s meeting, he said that short meeting of five minutes cannot ease down the bitterness of centuries.

He also said that ” we should resentment the acrimony.

Indian analyst said that now a days foreign policy of Pakistan is formulated in G.H.Q. Nawaz Sharif and its cabinet shifted this responsibility to G.H.Q.

In response Pervez Rashid argued that if Nawaz Sharif and its cabinet have no powers to formulate foreign then why Indian Prime Minister showed his wish to meet Nawaz Sharif.