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September 22, 2019
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SAMSUNG phones are much exposed to data theft; Experts

LONDON – Many experts have warned that Samsung sets are much exposed to theft and hack of data due to its weak software security features.

According to cyber security experts, the culprit can even access to messages, camera and microphone in addition to having liberty of installing new apps in the cell phone after hacking it.

According to research, there are security and software lapses in all 60 crore smart phones of Samsung, including recently released Galaxy S6.

On the other hand, Samsung authorities said that they had started considering the problem, and would try to overcome the security related issues soon.

According to international news sources, rebooting and auto updating also invite hackers to get all the important data from cell phone.

In this way, suspicious Wi-Fi Networks, Cell phone stations and local networks can be used as a tool to manipulate Samsung phone by the hackers.