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October 24, 2019
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Lionel Messi refuses to take ‘Man of the match’ award

SANTIAGO – Star foot baller and captain of Argentine, Lionel Messi, has refused to take ‘Man of the match’ award in a match against Paraguay in Copa America cup on Tuesday.

According to sources, Messi was awarded ‘man of the match’ in the drawn game between Paraguay and Argentina, but he refused to take award owing to his bad performance in the game.

The match between the Paraguay and Argentina ended up in the draw 2-2 goals at the end of the specified time.

First goal from the Argentinian side was hit by Sergio Agüero on the pass of lionel Messi, while the second goal was scored by Messi himself on the penalty stroke.

After the refusal of Messi to take the award, sponsors decided to give award to any other Argentinian player.

But to the surprise of sponsors, all the players refused to take the said award.

However, after this critical situation, Nelson Haedo Valdez of Paraguay, who scored first goal for his country, was given this award.