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December 16, 2019
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Residents of Islamabad are facing problems concerning the pure and adequate water supply

ISLAMABAD – The residents of Islamabad are compelled to use unhealthy water due to the negligence of water supply department of Capital Development Authority (CDA).

According to the correspondent of The News Tribe, the largest independent and bilingual website of Pakistan, the residents of Islamabad are compelled to drink impure and unhealthy water due to the negligence and incompetence of engineering and water supply department of CDA.

The correspondent, Waleed Chaudhary reveals that the director general water supply is responsible for impure supply of water in Islamabad. As a standard procedure, water is supplied to the residents of Islamabad from Rawal Dam and Simly Dam that is cleaned with Chlorine Alum Sulphate.



But due to officials’ negligence, the tender for the supply of Chlorine Alum Sulphate was not furnished on time resulting in the provision of water with lots of impurities. Waleed Chauhdary, who keeps an eye on administrative issues of Federal Capital, said that he tried to contact the DG Water Supply but he was not available for comments amid his busy schedule.