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October 16, 2019
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Facebook Light: FB gives another smart app to Asian users

SANS FRANCISCO – Facebook (FB) has introduced a very high speed app Facebook Light in the developing countries where internet is very slow.

The project manager of Facebook Light said that at this moment app is only being launched in Asia, and it will soon be introduced in Latin America, Africa and Europe as well.

The very aim of this app is to help Facebook users to enjoy high speed FB because they were deprived of speedy usage courtesy still being in 2G internet.

Using this app, one can go through news feed, update status, and check notification and access to photos as well.

However, other features of FB like Videos and advance location would not be available in this Facebook Light app.

It will help to promote the culture of Facebooking in the developing states as well.

It is worth mentioning here that owner of Facebook, Mark Zukerberg, has already announced another platform “Internet.org” after entering into agreement with six technology partners.