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October 18, 2019
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Chinese ship captain reveals shipwreck reason

BEIJING – The Captain of the Chinese Ship, which sunk in a river last week, revealed, on Thursday, that the incident took place when he tried to turn the ship in a direction parallel to the wind.

According to sources, more than 450 people were boarded in the ship at the time of incident.

The 52-year old captain who had experience of more than 30 years, he said he increased the boat speed in order to decline the wind pressure and turn the boat in the direction of the wind.

However, up till now 80 peoples were reported to have died and some 14 lives have been rescued, including ship captain and an engineer, adding that remaining sunk bodies could not be produced despite of thorough search operation.

Sources said that the Chinese President, Xi Jingping, had ordered the in-depth investigation of the matter as to know the reason of the tragic incident witnessed after many decades in china history.

Furthermore, Spokesperson for Transportation Ministry said that government would not put the issue under the carpet and uncover all aspects of the incident.