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September 21, 2019
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Shahzad Roy reveals his future plans

ISLAMABAD – A popular Pakistani singer, Shahzad Roy, has revealed, on Tuesday, that he is eyeing to make a film.

While giving an interview on Private TV Channel Shahzad Roy said that his next project is to make a film on the script written by famous writer and director, Anwar Maqsood.

He said the decision had been taken after reading the story which was of great importance in the prevailing situation of Pakistani society.

Shahzad Roy, in his interview with Reham Khan, wife of Imran Khan, confessed that songs were not enough to deliver the desired message due to its limited time frame, adding that through films one can easily disseminate the message to be conveyed

“The film is based on action, comedy and romance,” said Roy, adding that people would enjoy watching his first film.

He said that film directions and production circulated in his mind at every moment to make it as best as he could, adding that Ahsan Rahim would fulfill responsibilities of a director.