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October 17, 2019
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Middle East World

Saudi Arabia Decides To Ban Social Media

RIYADH – The government of Saudi Arabia is thinking to put a ban over social media networks in order to curb spread of violence.

Dr Faiz Alshari, has said that government is banning those social websites which incite violence and spreads hatred in the society, and it is the constitutional right of the respective government to put a ban.

He said that government was considering to put a ban on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, in order to curb incitement of chaos and anarchy in the society, adding that many countries in the world had already banned these websites

Furthermore, he said that recommendations were proposed to the high official against those websites which helps in fuelling terrorisms, extremism, and sectarianism and spread unrest in the society.

It is pertinent to mention here that the terrorists apprehended in the wake of suicide attacks carried out during Friday prayers revealed that their network totally operated through these websites.