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November 19, 2019
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Bad News For Solar Impulse 2

TOKYO – Bad weather prevented solar impulse 2 to cross Pacific Ocean, and it had to land in Japan without completing its specified journey of reaching Hawaii on Tuesday.

Solar impulse team, then, waited in Tokyo for weather to become clearer to resume their journey.

The control room officer of the Solar impulse said that pilots are very courageous not coward, they know how to go and how to take decision at the right time.

Flying on solar energy, solar impulse had to reach Hawaii in one week time, but due to hindrance created by weather it stops its journey.

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The pilot of Switzerland, bor Shibreg, was flying solar impulse 2 from China to United States.

The plane left from Nanjing at 2:39 pm, and the very aim of this project is to complete the full round of the world.

Around 16 solar cells are installed in the solar Impulse 2 to keep huge amount of electricity produced due to solar emission into it.

According to details, Solar Impulse 2 has started its first flight from Abu Dhabi on March 09.

The plane has to cover total of thirty five thousand kilometer distance, and seventeen solar cells have been installed on its wings.