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September 22, 2019
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Unbelievable Negligence Of Doctors

OMAN – We come across many incidents where doctors in their utmost negligence left scissors, Blade or any other surgery equipment in the body of the patient while operation, but Jordanian doctors crossed every limit of negligence.

According to information, doctors have left mobile phone in the womb of the woman came for delivery in one of the big hospitals of Jordanian capital Oman.

The woman was discharged from the hospital declaring that she was alright by the senior doctor.

However, woman felt severe pain in the womb after the operation, but she thought that it is due to major operation, and she kept on taking pain killers for that.

To the surprise of everyone, after sometime, some kind of vibration started in the woman’s womb which were loud enough to be heard or felt from outside.

Women was brought to the same hospital again, but after regular checkup doctors discharged her again.

However, when she was taken in some other hospital it was revealed that there is a cell phone present inside her body, and then it was taken out of her body after another operation.