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October 22, 2019
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Pilgrims To Put E-bracelet During Haj

RIYADH – The Ministry of Haj will soon ask all pilgrims to wear electronic bracelets containing important information.

A source from the government department said ministries of Haj and interior had completed an initial feasibility study for introducing the scheme.

The e-bracelet is water-resistant and is to be worn by each pilgrim. The e-bracelet would have a bar code where all of the pilgrim’s information would be stored.

He said the project had six phases starting with the initial study of the project, followed by planning the project, getting approval, forming committees, manufacturing and implementation, distribution and supervision.

The source said: “The e-bracelet will have services for pilgrims as well as a GPS system. It will also have a prayer time alert, a compass pointing the pilgrims to where they should face when they pray, Haj and Umrah steps and supplications for both pilgrimages.”

He also said there would be an information desk contact available in a number of languages to help pilgrims maneuver the streets of Makkah.