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November 15, 2019
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Obama’s future depends on US strategy against ISIS: Report

WASHINGTON –The top analysts and strategists consider Obama’s strategy in Iraq war as “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back”, but now they are of the view that Obama’s future depends on his strategy against IS.

It appears that a man, who ran his election campaign on the basis of claim that he will withdraw US forces from Iraq, is going to leave the White House with strong probability of use of force in Iraq and Syria.

Moreover, due to recently captured border of Iraq and Syria by ISIS has made the US success goes down the drain against ISIS.

Within last few months, ISIS operation in Iraq has increased the challenge for Obama administration to counter violent and terrorist activities in Middle East.

During the session of congress, republican congressmen also criticize Obama administration and stated that the current policies in middle-east weakens the position of Us against ISIS.

Spokesperson from white house defends Obama’s stance and said that around 60 countries are ally of US, so we still have a good chance to knock ISIS and to refrain it from further advancement.