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October 14, 2019
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Teachers Union Announces Shutdown Call In Karachi

KARACHI – The Teachers Association in Karachi University have announced complete shutdown call from May 19 due to the failure of government to arrest the killers of Professor Waheed ur Rehman.

The teachers union of Karachi University had given a deadline to the government to arrest the perpetrators by May 15 and had announced a protest and complete shutdown call otherwise.

The teachers of Karachi University said that no significant developments could be seen since the murder of Professor Waheed ur Rehman.

The assistant professor of the University of Karachi was killed in the firing incident that took place in Federal B Area of Karachi on May 29.

Waheed ur Rehman was working as assistant professor in Mass Communication department of the University of Karachi.

The professor had received four bullets on his face and chest and had lost the battle of life soon after the incident. The murderers are still at large.