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July 24, 2019
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Diagnose Heart Diseases At Earlier Stage

NEWYORK- American Scientists have invented a new device Which Helps to identify Heart Diseases in their Early Stages.

The newly invented device, resembling thermometer, recognizes heart attacks at the initial stages.

According to the scientists, the level of protone in, a type of protein, present in the blood of a heart patient is measured in order to identify the intensity of heart attacks.

The test provides information whether, the heart muscles are damaged or not. However, it is carried out with the help of large machines and is very costly.

According to sources, the American chemical society expert has invented a device similar to thermometer which would immediately identify presence of Protonein level in the blood.

The thermometer like device is not only simple in use but also save high expenses of money.

According to experts, the purpose behind invention of thermometer like device was to assist the poor segments of the developing countries which even lack basic health and medical facilities.

According to experts, the new device would help to mitigate heart attack chances up to 70% in backward countries.