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October 18, 2019
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India Purchases French Military Aircrafts

NEW DELHI – The Indian Ministry of Defence has given the approval of purchasing fifty six French military aircrafts.

According to the Indian Defence Ministry, the total worth of 56 military aircrafts amounts 1.87 billion dollars. The move is a part of the strategy of Indian Air force to replace the old planes with modern ones.

It is said that the French company “Airbus” and the Indian company “TATA Advanced Systems” would jointly manufacture C-295 aircrafts. The French company would manufacture 16 aircrafts whereas the TATA would assemble 40 planes in Hyderabad India.


The C-295 is in service with the Armed Forces of 15 countries.  It is a development of the Spanish-Indonesian transport aircraft CASA/IPTN CN-235, but with a stretched fuselage, 50% more payload capability and new PW127G turboprop engines. The C-295 made its maiden flight in 1998. The first order came from the Spanish air force.