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November 12, 2019
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Former SSP Is Paying The Price Of His Honesty

ISLAMABAD – A high official from Prime Minister Secretariat has withheld the salary of former SSP Asmat Ullah Junejo for last five months.

Sources revealed that the SSP has been paying the price of not obeying illegal orders of the secretary. The injured police officials who were on duty during Imran Khan’s sit-in at D-Chowk were on the award list of 10 million rupees each, by the government. Whereas some powerful elements from Prime Minister Secretariat had withdrawn the name of former SSP from that list.

According to the sources, Asmat Ullah Junejo had been suspended from his duty along with holding back his salary for 5 months, of not taking action against the leaders of Jamaat Ehl-e-Sunnat in Shehzad Town Islamabad.

The former SSP was also designated for the award of 2 lac rupees by the Interior Ministry. When the media sources contacted Asmat Ullah Junejo, he said that he had paid the price of his honesty and that he had committed a mistake on agreeing to perform his duty in Islamabad.

He further said that he had taken the charge of Islamabad Police when rest of the others were avoiding that. He said that he had been leading from the front and also got injuries which remained uncompensated.

While responding to a question he said that the duty in Islamabad Police was awarded with suspension letter in case the illegal orders of the establishment were not obeyed. He expressed his satisfaction in the inquiry and said that nothing had been proved against him and even then he had been treated in a discriminatory manner.