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October 15, 2019
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Highly Wanted Terrorist Alam Zeb Arrested From Hub

HUB – The most wanted terrorist, Alam zeb, is being arrested from Hub on Tuesday, the head prize of the terrorist was Rs. 30 lacs.

Alam Zeb was involved in the killing of eight police officers and his name was there in the red book with head prize Rs. 30 lacs.

Alam Zeb was also involved in many malicious activities including bomb explosions etc.

The sources told that Alam Zeb belonged to the bannd terrorist outfit ‘Lashkar e Jhangwi’.

The culprit has taken the admission in the Lasbela University and was living there as a student, he was arrested from the hostel of the university.

Police has arrested Alam Zeb from Hub and transferred him to unknown place for investigation.