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December 6, 2019
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Pakistan UK

Pakistani pays tribute to Sabeen Mehmood outside High Commission in London

LONDON:  Pakistani community in Britain gathered in huge number outside Pakistan High Commission to pay tribute to Sabeen Mehmood.

Human rights activist and the director of an NGO named as T2F Sabeen was assassinated a few days ago in Karachi.

The participants had raised banners and lightened the candles to pay tribute to the murdered human rights activist.

The participants belonged to nearly every segment of the society. Among them were those as well, who hosted Sabeen and arranged dialogues and discussions on various issues of social importance.

The people acknowledged her efforts and valor to make Karachi a peaceful place for dialogue and promotion of arts and culture.

She was the voice of the deprived segments of our society. On this occasion, the speakers of the event took oath to further propagate her mission as an inheritance.

They also demanded Pakistani authorities the quick arrest and putting those to trial who were involved in her murder. In addition to this, they raised the slogans,” We seek answers from the tyrants, we seek compensation of the blood”.