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February 24, 2019
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Many Building Reportedly Destroyed In Nepal

Katmandu – The epic center of the earthquake was the city Lumajang, just 83km away from the capital of Nepal.

According to initial media reports from Nepal, four people are confirmed to be died as a result of magnanimous earthquake.

More than dozen buildings are destroyed in an Earthquake in Nepal, and many vehicles collided with each other on the roads of Nepal.

It is said that Nepal’s capital jolts big way, and there is an indication of huge loss of life and property in Nepal.

The whole Himalaya region observed the earthquake originated from Nepal.

According to initial media reports many buildings are destroyed in Katmandu, Nepal.

The earthquake blocked the many normal activities of life hindering the mobile service and obstructing many international Airways in Nepal.

The Delhi Metro Bus Service in India is also suspended for the time being courtesy high magnitude earthquake.