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September 22, 2019
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Furious 7 was for Paul, Furious 8 will be from Paul: Vin Diesel

LOS ANGELES: Fast and Furious super star Vin Diesel confirmed plans for Furious 8 says, “Furious 7 was for Paul and Furious 8 will be from Paul.”

During the 2015 MTV Movie Awards, Vin Diesel sang “See You Again,” and paid the touching tribute song to his Furious 7 co-star Paul Walker who passed away in 2013 in a tragic car crash.

After leaving the stage, Vin Diesel confirmed plans for Fast & Furious 8 in an interview with MTV.

He said, “the Fast & Furious 8 is going to New York, Well, I was trying to keep it close to the vest throughout the release. Paul [Walker] used to say that eight was guaranteed. And in some ways, when your brother guarantees something, you sometimes feel like you have to make sure it comes to pass.”


Vin Diesel added, “So if fate has it, fate..F8…if fate has it, then you’ll get this when you hear about it. Seven was for Paul, eight is from Paul.”

Furious 7 is currently in theaters and continue to break records on box office everywhere.