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October 16, 2019
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Pakistani Traders Burial

Five traders, whose bodies have been handed over to Pakistani authorities from Afghan officials, have been laid to rest in Charsadda city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.

These five individuals were among those eight traders who were two months ago kidnapped by the armed men in Afghanistan.

Their bodies were found in Afghanistan’s city Ghani Khel. However, four companions of them are still missing.

Charsadda Police Inspector Imran Khan told the media that on Wednesday night a man had been buried and four people have been laid to rest on Thursday.

According to police, as many as nine traders were gone to Afghanistan, eight were from Charsadda, and an old trader with them was from Shabqadar.

These people used to trade mustard oil and pure ghee.

According to police, traders were at their market in Mohmand Marco in Afghanistan, when armed men took them from there.

The old trader from Shabqadar was released whereas, all other persons were missing form two months.

Police inspector said yesterday five bodies were found in the area of Ghani Khel in Afghanistan.

There are reports that five of these traders are from a same family, while the other three were identified as their neighbor.

Local people said that those traders also do labor work in Afghanistan and also sold mustard oil and pure ghee which they carry from Pakistan.

According to reports, the men were forbidden to enter to the area where they were kidnapped.