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September 21, 2019
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Vin Diesel hints at Fast And Furious 8 to take place in New York

LOS ANGELES: Fast And Furious super star Vin Diesel has hinted at the 8th sequel of the movie despite the death of his co-star Paul Walker who died in 2013 due to tragic car accident.

According to him, the new film will feature in New York and Kurt Russell will be part of the movie as well.

The last film of Paul Walker the seventh installment of the Fast and the Furious franchise, Furious 7, opens in theaters nationwide on Friday.

“Kurt Russell came in for this movie,” Diesel told Kimmel. “But we really hired him because of a story that follows this that takes place in New York.”

The news doesn’t come as a complete surprise as a senior executive at Universal Studios said last year that as many as three more sequels were possible.

Of course, any new movies won’t feature the late Paul Walker but so many new characters have been added to the Fast family, and some of these could be developed into new co-leads for Diesel’s own Toretto.

Meanwhile, also out on the Fast & Furious trail, Jason Statham has been fielding inevitable Expendables questions, and has told IGN that he’s ready for more. He may have stopped at three Transporters, but he’s up for Expendables running and running.