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December 15, 2019
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English language’s use in system of country is main cause of injustice in society: Hameed Gul

RAWALPINDI: Former head of Inter-services Intelligence (ISI) general (retd) Hameed Gul has said that use of English language in system of the country is the main cause of injustice in the society.

General (retd) Hameed Gul was addressing the ‘All Pakistan Nifaz-e-Urdu conference’ organized under the auspices of Pakistan National Language Movement at Rawalpindi Arts Council on Saturday.

He said that the entire system is against the nation on account of the English language and a number of ills have been created due to this reason.

He said that youths will have to play their role for activating the movement for imposition of Urdu. Hameed Gul said that former Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto inflicted cruelty upon the Sindhis by imposing Sindhi language in the system of Sindh instead of national language and number of Sindhi citizens is very short in the civil services due to this reason, saying that quota system in the appointments is murder of merit.

While criticizing the educational system of Punjab government, General (retd) Hameed Gul said that Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif found the solution for improving the educational system that entire educational syllabus should be changed in English but there is no standard book of English in the whole province.

He said that it is sense of inferiority that they are sticking to English, saying that English system gives benefit to the bureaucracy of the country and that is why it has been imposed upon the entire nation.

General (retd) Hameed Gul said that their survival lies in the Urdu language, saying that their survival will be in danger after some time, if they continued following the same course.

He said that the society will have to be awake for imposition of national language Urdu in the system of the country and they will have to stage protest before the national assembly and Supreme Court so that the violation of constitution on the non-imposition of national language should come in the notice of these institutions.

On the occasion, the head of National Language Movement, Saleem Hashmi, educational expert Fatima Qamar, Rizwana Syed Ali, Abdullah Gul, professor Zahid Mehmood, Rana Abdul Baqi , poets and other addressed on the conference.