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November 13, 2019
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Misuse of Antibiotic in Pakistan & Kashmir increased bacterial resistance: Dr. Abdali  

ISLAMABAD: A  Britain Medical expert has revealed that the misuse of Antibiotic medicines in Pakistan and Kashmir have increased the resistance power of Bacteria, so now antibiotic medicines do not show desired results.

This was disclosed by Kashmiri based British Clinical Director of Orthopedic Surgery at Lunkin University Doctor Professor Muhammad Maqsood Abdali during an Interview during his visit to SABAH.
It has been observed in Pakistan that mostly patients are being treated though antibiotic medicines and patients also use antibiotic without proper recommendation of paramedics and do not complete the course of treatment, he said adding that this practice increases the resistance power of bacteria and a stage comes where Antibiotic medicine becomes useless.
British Doctor Professor Muhammad Maqsood Abdali belongs to Khoiratta area of Kotali district of Azad Kashmir, has left for London after a week long visit. Before leaving for London Dr. Abdali during his interview appreciating the establishment of Medical Colleges in Azad Kashmir said that there should be an institution to check and monitor the performance of these medial colleges.
Dr. Abdali said that Pakistan and Kashmir have same mechanism regarding registration of medicines but Pakistan has a great number of registered medicines than any other country of the world even India has less registered medicines than Pakistan. A board comprising specialists should be established for registration of life saving drugs in Azad Kashmir, he added.
There is no system in Pakistan for observation of affects by using these drugs and many medicines with same names are present in Pakistan, as many kinds of Amoxil capsules are available in market, he said. The proper system for checking the affects of medicines should also be there for the betterment of the generation, he added. Dr. Abdali was of the view that the human blood it self a medicine against many diseases so it should be pure.
Responding to a question Dr. Abdali said that instead of having a name in UK and receiving the privileges, perks I desire to serve the people my country. The kidney disease is increasing day by day in Pakistan which is result of medicine given by Hakeems, he said.
The Orthopedic diseases are the result of deficiency of Vitamin D, Calcium and shortage of sunlight for body, he said and urged for usage of leaf vegetables along with meat for getting more calcium for body.
It is worth mentioning here that Trauma and Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Maqsood Abdali is only Kashmiri based Asian expert who have served in this field and deliver the lectures in Germany, France, United States, Finland, Italy and Syrian medical institutions.