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August 21, 2019
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Battery powered clothes invented to stop feeling cold

Technology entered into new era via new invention of a range of battery powered garments to warm your body up to 60°C in cold season.

TechNiche has recently launched a range of IonGear battery-powered clothes including vests, jackets and gloves that can reach 60°C to warm human bodies within 1-2 minutes for up to 9 hours which could be recharged after stepping back to home.

The invention primarily came forth for the persons working outdoor like exercising, especially athletes working out in extreme weather or those who feel so much coldness, Daily Mail reported.

The vest and jacket contain three pads and having a temperature controller with three option, Low (40°C), medium (50°C) and high (60°C) while the electric clothes fitted with a 7.4V battery which could be recharged in around four hours.

Makers also provided the facility to make the clothes washable as the battery and temperature controller can be detached.

The vest costs £151.10 excluding VAT, £176.10 for the gloves and £194 for the jacket.

Before introducing its warm clothing range, TechNiche is already one of the largest manufacturers of cooling vests in the world as its cooling vests are being used by top athletes including Formula 1 teams, ProCycling teams and several national football teams in the Brazil World Cup last year.