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December 6, 2019
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‘Toothbrush Protest’ staged against Coca Cola at London Eye

LONDON: Campaigners of Children’s Food Campaign have staged protests via handing out ‘Toothbrushes’ amongst visitors of London Eye which turned red on Saturday (today) at launching of sponsorship deal with the sugary firm Coca.

Campaigners have introduced a new style of protest by handing out 500 toothbrushes to the visiting families at the landmark London Eye to  protest against sugary firm Coca Cola as the amount of children being hospitalized every week due to the tooth decay which primarily caused by having soft drink.

Malcolm Clark from the Children’s Food Campaign said: ‘Soft drinks are the largest single source of sugar in children and teenagers’ diets, Daily Mail reported on Sunday.


‘Every week, almost 500 children aged five to nine are hospitalised due to rotten teeth. That is why we handed out 500 toothbrushes outside the Coca Cola London Eye. He said that it is an inappropriate act to sponsor London Eye by a sugary drinks company to make it more attractive for the families.

‘A 20 pence per litre duty on sugary drinks would reduce sugar consumption, leading to improved health and quality of life for many thousands of people, and would save the NHS £39million in the capital alone.’


Moreover, the campaigners’ website also claims that the beverage has no nutritional benefits except calories to the consumers which are already suffering from obesity and dental decay.

On the other hand, General Manager for Coca-Cola UK Jon Woods expressed gratitude, said that they were delighted to sponsor the iconic London Eye. Meanwhile, whole staff were seen wearing red hats and jackets coloured with Coca-Cola logo.