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November 19, 2019
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Reham Khan faces new hate attack endangering public standing of Imran Khan

LONDON: Reham Khan who formally tied the knot cricketer-turn-politician Imran Khan on January 8, 2015 faced another hate-side attack with emergence of controversial video while frying pork (pig meat) sausages reportedly in a fair in West Sussex.

The hate-side continues its personal assaults seemingly to dent the public standing of her second husband, Imran Khan, who is chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

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Reham Khan was seen touching and cooking pork with David Bell
Reham Khan was seen touching and cooking pork in the video shot in 2011

Reham Khan was seen handing and cooking pork sausages in the recently emerged video clip with Two-time British sausage-making champion and pork retailer David Bell at a fair in Ardingly, West Sussex.

The video caused outrage in Pakistan where eating and even touching pork is prohibited under Islamic laws. The footage was shot in 2011 when Reham was working for BBC South Today, Daily Mail reported on Thursday.

New video clip has emerged that is widely circulating across the Muslim Pakistan sparked severe criticism against Imran Khan’s new wife Reham Khan.

David Bell while talking to The Times defended Reham Khan, said that he coud not understand the outrage as she ‘didn’t actually eat any of the pork sausages.’


Imran Khan’s marriage with British-Pakistani Reham Khan faced backlash by many conservative Pakistanis who believed the former BBC weather girl and current news anchor is an unsuitable match for right-winger Imran Khan.

According to reports, PTI chief public standing has been badly damaged since he ties the knot with Reham at Bani Gala Islamabad on January 8 in a private ceremony to which none of his family were invited.