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October 22, 2019
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Peshawar school attack: weapons were stored in canteen

LAHORE: Another horrible and shocking revelation has emerged about the terrifying Army Public School attack in Peshawar where 143 people embraced martyrdom including 133 children.

According to Nai Baat, terrorists had started storing heavy weapons in the canteen of the school 11 days before the attack. They were helped by labourers and other employees of the school.

The night before terrorists attack on the school, they reached at Irfan’s house who was employ of the school at that moment, showed them a video of the school which made easier for terrorists to launch a merciless attack.

On the other hand lab assistant of the school not only provided the record of students to terrorists by also drove their vehicle to the school. This act stopped the security officials from resisting immediately.

However the terrorists who were wearing the uniforms of security officials took the position in canteen and auditorium of the school and continue their merciless killings.

Security officials arrested the close family member and friends of the employs and started their investigations.