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March 23, 2019
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Ali Zafar for replacing Lollywood with ‘Pakistan Film Industry’

LAHORE: Renowned actor and singer Ali Zafar has said that he had done nothing in India for which he should be ashamed.

Addressing a press conference at a local hotel, Ali Zafar said: We should introduce “Pakistan Film Industry” in the world instead of copying Hollywood and Bollywood to name the industry as Lollywood.

He said that he was planning to produce film as the country had many talented and versatile writers. Nowadays, i am meeting young writers so that i can introduce Pakistan’s beautiful face to outside world through the writers, he added.

He said that he had learned a lot by working in Bollywood. ” I kept one thing in my mind that i should not do anything that cause embarrassment for me or my country,” he added.

He praised Shah as the best actor of the industry. He said that although he had watched his recent film “Kill Dil” three times in India, watching the film along with family was a altogether different experience.