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November 13, 2019
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Spanish Parliament passes resolution urging govt to recognise Palestine state

MADRID: Spanish Parliament passed a resolution calling on the government to recognise the Palestinian state overwhelmingly.

The resolution tabled by opposition Socialists asked the government to recognise Palestine in coordination with any similar move by the European Union.

The resolution was adopted nearly unanimously in the lower house of parliament, as 319 voted in favour, two against and one member abstained.

The motion read: “recognise Palestine as a state, subject to international law,” saying that the only solution to the conflict was  co-existence of two states, Israel and Palestine, reached through negotiation.

The motion came after similar moves in other European countries which are aimed at increasing pressure on Israel for a two-state solution to the conflict.

Earlier, Britain and Ireland parliaments have approved similar motions last month asking their respective governments to recognise Palestine as a sovereign state.

It is to be mentioned here that French lawmakers will also vote on November 28 on a proposal by the ruling Socialist party urging the government to recognise Palestine as a state.

Sweden’s new left-leaning government had already officially recognised Palestinian as a sovereign state on October 30.