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September 17, 2019
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Get ready for Microsoft Lumia coming next week

WASHINGTON: Get ready for first Microsoft named smartphone Microsoft Lumia, as smartphone set to debut this month.

Microsoft has posted another teaser to boost anticipation for what’s to come. A smartphone with a #MoreLumia hashtag appears with an orange frame around what looks like the front camera.

This upcoming Lumia smartphone will be the first one to herald the new Lumia line without the Nokia logo, signaling a new era for the mobile devices and for Microsoft.

Nokia has done great things for the Windows Phone platform, as it has made a significant difference in the years it has dedicated itself to launch devices running Microsoft’s mobile operating system (OS).

While Windows Phone has grown in the last few years, however, the platform still powers juts 2.5 percent of the world’s mobile devices.

Google’s Android covers the vast majority with a whopping 85 percent, followed by Apple’s iOS.

Surface tablets have helped Microsoft boost sales on the tablet front, and the company now plans to do the same on the smartphone market with the new Lumia lineup.

As previously mentioned, the first Microsoft Lumia smartphone without the Nokia moniker will make its debut on Tuesday, Nov. 11.