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August 21, 2019
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First glimpse of Microsoft Lumia

WASHINGTON: As Microsoft eyeing to unveiled first Lumia with the company’s brand name, the device leaked online in red variant.

Microsoft’s first Lumia device without Nokia tag is getting closer to make its debut. The images that appeared on Chinese social site Weibo gives us the glimpse of the new device.

Apparently dubbed the RM-1090, this device sports brazen Microsoft logos where it would have said “Nokia” before.

The device looks very similar to the rest of the Lumia series, but the major  difference is only that the logo of Nokia replaced by Microsoft.

But looking at this image we can also assume that Microsoft likely won’t be changing too much about the Lumia family of smartphones, despite the branding shift.

Microsoft said late last month its first non-Nokia smartphones would be unveiled soon, so expect more info any day now.