Michael Jackson the top-earning dead celebrity, once again


WASHINGTON: Prince of Pop and King of Rock and Roll, Michael Jackson has been named the world’s top earning dead celebrity of 2014.

He achieved this milestone by crossing Elvis Presley’s income. The music legend earned $140m in just 12 months, which is three time more than Presley who is on the second spot with $55m, according to Forbes.

Cartoonist Charles Schulz came third with $40 million thanks to his characters Charlie Brown and Snoopy.

Elizabeth Taylor came in at fourth with $25 million, mainly due to a best-selling perfume and her old movies.

Raggae favourite Bob Marley was fifth with an estimated $20 million in earnings thanks to his bonce featuring on bags, T-shirts and even a line of fruit-flavored drinks.


  1. The ludricous thing about how this article was drafted (LOL) is that it almost “relishes” , all of it I am sure totally inadvertedly, at the non-surprising fact that a superstar who has been dead for only a little less than 5 years, and who in addition left an estate which controls one of the two largest music catalogs in history such as the late Michael Jackson, currently outearns BUT ONLY by a 2.54 to 1 margin another superstar such as the late Elvis Presley, the latter not actually just being dead for 8 times as many years, namely 37, but one who as far as it is known, did not own a single piece of property in ANY music catalog, including his own. What I would like to see is how Mr. Jackson’s image fares against that of other deceased celebrities in future and why not, including Presley not in five, or ten ot twenty years, but say, 32 years from now. Actually, in his first full year after passing away, he outearned Presley by a 4 to 1 margin. On the second year, by a 3 to 1 margin and now, as I stated earlier by a 2.45 margin. The margin is actually decreasing and this in spite of Presley’s earnings having remained constant for the last three years, at US$55million per year, since 2011.