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September 19, 2019
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Traders disturbed once again as receiving extortion slips, threats

KARACHI: Extortionists have started once again sending extortion slips and sms for extortion to traders and business community of Karachi which spread fears in the community.

The business community has demanded to hand over Karachi to Pakistan Army.

The business community was at relief for some time as extortion, abduction for ransom and death threats to the community were stopped with the operation of law enforcement agencies.

Now the criminals were again reorganized and starter their activities which disturbed business people once again.

According to the All Karachi Traders Association, criminals were using payment delivery through mobile phone services after it came to place.

The business community has said that Sindh government must hand over metropolis to the Army under section of 245 of the constitution if police and rangers cannot control the law and order situation of the city.