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August 24, 2019
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PEMRA awards FM Radio licenses for Jhelum, Sukkur

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory (PEMRA) awarded two FM radio licenses for the cities of Jhelum and Sukkur in a brief ceremony held at its Headquarters, Islamabad.

The FM license for Jhelum city has been awarded to M/s Capital Broadcasting Services Pvt. Ltd. Karachi, whereas, the license for Sukkur city was awarded to M/s Sitar Communication Pvt. Ltd.

With the award of these two FM radio licenses, the total number of private FM radios in Pakistan has reached to 198.

The Chairman at the award of licenses said that it is no denying fact that FM radios have been playing a role of catalyst in reforming, educating and informing the society at community and grass roots level.

The FM radio has stupendous impact in the far flung areas where cable TV or other private media is inaccessible due to geographic or topographic barriers.

As compared to other electronic media, FM radio provides cheapest and easy access to information, education and entertainment to cross sections of society.

He viewed that, over the past one decade, FM radios have been a key tool of raising the standard of public literacy, opinion and views about their socio-political rights.