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October 22, 2019
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iPad Air 2 case leaked with mysterious hole

WASHINGTON: It looks like that Apple’s next big stop of the year is and iPad Air 2, as devices case leaked with a mystery hole in it.

The company launched its highly anticipate iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus on September 9 event now company’s next stop is iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3.

Usually company launch the iPad in the fourth quarter, so we can expect that iPad Air 2 will debut some ware in November or late in October.

However, leaked photos of what is claimed to be a protective case for the next generation of iPad have found their way onto the internet.

A closer look reveals a small new hole, just next to the cut out for the iPad’s rear camera.

Theories include technology for assisting with taking shots, such as laser assisted focus, or perhaps the long sought after LED flash.

There’s a good chance that some case manufacturers will have received the official dimensions and features from Apple by now, so we’re not dismissing these images just yet.