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September 16, 2019
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Google doodles Juliusz Slowacki 205th birthday

Google is celebrating the 205th birthday of renowned Polish Romantic poet Juliusz Slowacki with an interactive doodle on its homepage on September 4 (today).

Juliusz Slowacki was a Polish Romantic poet who was born in 4 September 1809 and died on 3 April 1849 but left a significant and unforgettable mark on the history of Polish literature.

The Poland Google’s homepage representing the ‘Father of Modern Polish Drama – Juliusz Slowacki’ via a sepia sketch of a young man in the letter ‘o’ there.

Google doodles Juliusz Slowacki 205th birthday | TheNewsTribe
Father of Modern Polish Drama – Juliusz Slowacki

Slowacki was one of the ‘Three Bards’ of Polish literature and also the father of modern Polish drama

He wrote Slavic pagan traditions, Polish history, mysticism and orientalism, however, the genre of his work was basically drama besides lyric poetry.

Famous dramas were Kordian and Balladyna while the popular poems include Beniowski and Testament that helped him to be famous in literature.