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March 23, 2019
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‘Sharif brothers deceitful in registering FIR for Model Town incident’

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) head Dr Tahir ul Qadri has said that he has informed the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) that Model Town incident’s FIR was nothing but fraud and deceit.

Addressing his party supporters, he said that they did not want to see Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Shairf stay in power.

The PAT chief informed his party workers about the details of the meeting and said that the meet-up was in a pleasant environment and it continued for three and a half hours.

Qadri said that Army Chief heard PAT’s 10-point agenda, which showed that he would play “his role as the arbiter”.

He told the protesters that the Sharif brothers and their advisers’ acts in the registration of FIR of Model Town incident were deceitful.

“They provided the media Urdu version of PAT’s complaint about June 17 incident and added two pages illegally in the English version to save Sharif brothers,” he said.

Qadri said that Army Chief was also not aware of the dishonesty. He added that he presented the original copy of the FIR to the military chief.

He said that the Army Chief was astonished and said it was a deceitful act. Raheel Sharif promised that he would get the FIR cancelled and a new one registered.

Qadri said that he made clear to Army Chief there would be no talks if Sharif brothers did not leave power and new FIR was not registered on Friday.